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Promotional Items Tips

Designing A Business Logo

Posted - 01/16/2012
When designing a business logo, you must consider your audience and how they will interpret the image you choose. This business logo should cater to the subconscious interpretation of a specific message or idea that is universal and relates to your business in a positive light. Keep your image simple so that it is easy to inte...

Add A Logo To Promotional Giveaway Items

Posted - 01/16/2012
Promotional giveaways are a great opportunity to advertise your company and to further the brand recognition. Adding a company logo to a promotional giveaway item is a great way to bright visibility to the company and to demonstrate community involvement. There can be challenges with doing this properly and effective though. ...

Promotional Items To Help Your Business

Posted - 01/16/2012
The whole idea behind promotional materials is to help keep your name in front of a client, a constant reminder of you, your company and the great service and products you provided them. The secret to a good promotional item is to find something affordable, attractive, and purposeful that doesn't end up in the trash or as clutt...
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